Deck the malls: Shoppers come to Fayette Mall for last-minute Christmas shopping

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Christmas at the mall is a magical experience for many, especially those who still need to do some last-minute shopping.카지노사이트

Shoppers came out to the Fayette Mall Friday morning braving below-freezing temperatures and bad road conditions. Shopper Chris Mulder said shopping up to the last minute is a tradition for him, and he’s glad to keep it going this year.

“I’m last minute, trying to, you know, get in the holiday spirit. I always make it one of my last resorts. It’s the part of the year I love is just, you know, getting out here last minute with my kids and just try and make things happen,” Mulder said.

The Fayette Mall opened at 10 a.m. on Friday for weather conditions. The mall wasn’t very crowded during the first couple of hours, but a mall representative said she expected mall traffic to pick up by around noon. Mulder came early to beat the traffic.

“We kind of knew that the traffic was going to be down. So we just came on out and it’s not too crowded in here. So we were able to maneuver and do what we got to do,” Mulder said.바카라사이트

While some came to shop, others like Todd Lucas came with his family to enjoy the Christmas vibe that malls have this time of year. Lucas and his family are visiting from Michigan.

“We are here to kill a little bit of time because we just came into town. We’re from out of town. But we heard this is the biggest mall in Kentucky. So we said this is the place for us. We had to get down here a day early because we didn’t want to drive through back home. We’re going to get about two feet of snow,” Lucas said.

Whether shopping or just killing time, people agree nothing beats an in-person experience at the mall.

“Very thankful to get back to in person, love being back, love not having to wear anything on my face,” Lucas said.

“Online is cool, but I’m old school. So coming out to the mall and doing what I got to do, you know, I enjoy it better than, you know, sitting in front of a screen or on my phone trying to order something. So this works,” Mulder said.온라인카지노

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